2022 History Conference – The Best and the Worst of Presidents

Date: January 25-28, 2022

Location: Bible Methodist Camp
1355 Chula Vista Dr. Pell City, AL 35125

  • Take exit 153 from Interstate 20 and turn south on 78.
  • Take a quick left onto Chula Vista Drive.
  • Take Chula Vista Drive until it dead ends into the campus of Bible Methodist Camp.

Event Info

Early check in to the conference will be available Monday night and early Tuesday morning.

There will be 5 teaching events each day. This will be a total of 20 hours of formal instruction as well as opportunities to interact with the speakers between sessions. Homeschool families may use these hours of credit for history, social studies, or Bible class credit.

Book tables will be set up on site for speakers’ wares.  If any vendor other would like to pay for a table space, please contact Dominion.


In-Person Rates

Family Rates

Individual Rates

Speaker & Session Info

Historian Bill Potter

  • John Tyler: President With Principles But Not a Party
  • James Knox Polk: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
  • The Two Pastors Kids: A Comparison of Cleveland and Wilson
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Child-Rearing Tactics Inside the Tornado
  • Herbert Hoover: A Quaker at War

Colonel John Eidesmoe

  • Luther on Executive power
  • Forgotten Presidents: The Worst or the Best
  • Constitutional Limits on Presidential Power
  • Will the Real Thomas Jefferson Please Stand Up

Dr. Ron Rumburg

  • The Nation and Presidency in Crisis – Lincoln Pt 1
  • The Nation and Presidency in Crisis – Lincoln Pt 2
  • The Nation and Presidency in Crisis – Davis Pt 1
  • The Nation and Presidency in Crisis – Davis Pt 2

Dr. Peter Lillback – Author of bestselling book on Washington “Sacred Fire”

  • George Washington’s Christian Faith
  • George Washington and the Doctrine of Providence
  • George Washington on Leadership

Pastor Ben Gardner

  • The Presidency and Social Justice
  • The Presidency and Biblical Economics
  • The Presidency as God’s Servant Upholding God’s Law


The Campus is extremely clean and well maintained.  They offer accommodations at a very affordable rate.

Private rooms have a full-size bed, private bathroom, fridge and microwave and are offered at $35/night.

There are 4 private rooms available which share a bathroom for men and a bathroom for women.  These are identical to the private rooms though with a shared bathroom and are offered at $25/night.

Upstairs, the camp rooms are each furnished with 2 bunk beds and a full-size bed. Some have one bunk bed and a full size bed. Occupants would need to bring their own linens to include bedding and towels.  Large families are allowed to bring cots, playpens or air mattresses if they desire to accommodate more persons than the beds allow.  These camp rooms have access to male and female bathrooms which are tastefully and modestly laid out and very clean.  These rooms are available for $15/night.

All Bible Methodist Camp reservations must be procured through the Camp Office.  Katrina Paulus is the point of contact for the camp.  She can be reached via the following methods:

Hot breakfast and lunch will be available to all registered conference participants.  Early registration online will help us to best plan for food.  Supper will be the participants’ responsibility.  Besides hotels, there are a plethora of good food choices in Pell City.  There are also outside tables and cafeteria tables for families/participants who want to bring food in for supper, but no kitchen facilities available after lunch.

Laundry facilities will also be available.

For those staying on site with children, there is a playground, a ball field and a gaga ball pit on the grounds which will be available for use.  

For those not wishing to stay on site, there are multiple hotel options available a mere 5 minute drive from the site in Pell City, AL